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Fort Lauderdale Airport

The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport had a humble beginning when it was created from an abandoned 9-hole golf course in May of 1929. The little field was dubbed Merle Fogg Field, in memory of the pioneer Fort Lauderdale aviator.

During World War II, the little airport was purchased by the U.S. Navy, which began vast improvements to the airfield, designing it to train aircraft-carrier based pilots who would operate torpedo planes.

After the War, the field lay dormant until it was purchased by Broward County. In 1953, the first airline, Mackey Airlines, began passenger service and the airport, as we know it was born.

Not many airports have such a historical, colorful past, nor run with the grace and efficiency that the current Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport does. The airport is an asset to South Florida, providing exceptional service to Broward, Southern Palm Beach, and north Dade Counties.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Growth

fort lauderdale airport specials schedulesThe huge continued growth to the Greater Fort Lauderdale shows no end in sight, and the airport's executives want to insure that its future will be as bright as its present.

Demands on the airport include a passenger log that is expected to more than double - going from 11 million in 1996 to 25 million by the year 2015. This kind of growth cannot be accomplished easily or well without significant planning and care.

Development plans in progress will see the size of the terminal complex nearly doubled with more than 70 gates, and will increase the current number of parking spaces from 9,061 to 19,000.

The Future of the Airport

fort lauderdale flights specials schedulesSignificant airfield improvements will be necessary to provide for the increase in air-carrier demands, and the airport roadways will be improved and expanded as well.

A new air cargo storage and maintenance center is planned for the west side of the airport, and a state of the art People-Mover will eliminate the need for outside transportation between the airport and Port Everglades, making the airport that much closer to the millions who sail from Fort Everglades on cruises each year. Accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration in 1995, the plan is well underway and will undoubtedly usher the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport into a very bright future.

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